We think it’s always time for apartment carpet cleaning specials!

It’s very important to have your carpets cleaned every 6-18 months by a professional carpet cleaner. Regular vacuuming leaves behind contaminants that can cause your carpet to dull and fade. Regular professional cleanings help prevent excess build up and helps improve air quality by removing pet hair, dust mites and other allergens within your carpet.

At A-1 Carpet Cleaning we us the most powerful and up-to-date equipment for the best cleaning available by using the Rotovac Rotary System.  Having a large family ourselves we understand the importance of affordability and quality. We strive to make that happen for you.

Apartment Special

Clean 1st room at minimum charge and get the 2nd room FREE

Example: Living room and 1 bedroom ($50 Savings up to 300 sq. ft.)



3 Rooms


Example: Living room and 2 bedrooms

($20 Savings up to 450 sq. ft.)

4 Rooms


Example: 4 bedrooms

( $40 Savings up to 600 sq. ft.)

5 Rooms


Example: Living room, dining room and 3 bedrooms

($60 Savings up to 750 sq. ft.)

6 Rooms


Example: Six carpeted area’s or rooms

($80 Savings up to 900 sq. ft.)

Add Room

$40 per room

($20 savings)

Add Stairs

$40 per set of stairs

(11-15 stairs. $20 savings)

Additional Costs

Please note that extra charges will be applied if the carpet is NOT vacuumed prior to our arrival or if the carpet is extremely soiled.

Call us for more details: 515-432-7500

Make an Online Payment

Step 1

Please figure how many rooms of carpet you need cleaned and if you have stairs. (Example 3 rooms of carpet and 1 flight of stairs 160 + 40 .00 = $200.00 )

Step 2

Click the PayPal button. Add total price in amount box, click update,  and add your CREDIT CARD payment information.

*Please read step 3 before submitting payment.


Step 3

Make sure the address of the apartment we are cleaning is added in ship to address in Paypal if billing address is different. Use this area to explain what we are cleaning. (Example 200 Stanton Ave. 301 LR/BR A,B/Stairs). This is your receipt, so please print or email a copy to your management company.

Please print or email a copy of your receipt to your management company. You are responsible for payment and turning in receipt to your management company.

 All management companies will not schedule your cleaning. If you’re paying online, then you need to have us scheduled for cleaning as it must be cleaned by your move out date unless your management company is ok with other options. Please check with your management company.