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Serving Adel, Ames, Ankeny, Boone, Boxholm, Carroll, Clive, Colo, Dayton, Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Gilbert, Grand Junction, Granger, Grimes, Huxley, Jefferson, Johnston, Madrid, Neveda, Ogden, Perry, Roland, Slater, Story City, Stratford, Urbandale, Webster City, West Des Moines, Waukee, Central Iowa





The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen…or it’s FREE!

Doug and Renae Kraft started A-1 Carpet Cleaning as a family owned and operated business in 2004 to help others looking for a reliable carpet cleaning service with out the gimmicks. We offer good old fashion hard work to do the best job possible for each customer.  Our prices are listed on our website for everyone to see so there is no hidden costs!! We treat every customer with respect so we can earn not only your business but your LOYALTY! Loyalty to A-1 Carpet Cleaning but also we are Loyal back to you as we treat you like you should be treated. Our service will not change and our prices will be affordable not only the 1st time you use A-1 Carpet Cleaning but every time you use A-1 Carpet Cleaning.

Quality only comes from knowing what to do to make every job the best it can be. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. No every stain will not come out but our job is to let you know what to expect so you are not disappointed. Reliability: Over 10 years of service and growing. I am thankful for God giving us that desire to serve others and the strength and desire to be reliable! 

A-1 Carpet Cleaning services a 1 hour radius of Ames, IA. That means we are cleaning carpets from Fort Dodge, IA to Des Moines, IA  and cleaning upholstery in Ankeny, IA and as far West as Carroll, IA and every town in between. If you want a down to earth family owned carpet cleaning company give A-1 Carpet Cleaning a call today: 515-432-7500

We guarantee that your carpets, when cleaned with the Rotovac, will be cleaner than any other carpet cleaning method – or it’s free!



Why Use Us For Your Carpet Cleaning?

Most Cleaners Use A Manual Extraction Wand

  • Only cleans from 2 directions (back and forth) with a couple of cleaning passes.
  • Relies on the strength and energy of the worker
  • Leaves many tough stains and shadowing in the carpet

We Use the Rotovac Powerwand®

  • Cleans from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes
  • High torque motors do not get tired so the quality is consistent throughout the entire job
  • Restores matted traffic areas and removes tough stains and shadowing that the manual wand leaves behind
  • Your satisfaction is Guaranteed

Click here to see the Rotovac outclean a regular wand.


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